Meet the 2024 $200K Challenge Finalists


A technology that couples the monitoring, tracking, and trending of oxygen therapy to real time oxygen saturation and pulse.


A platform technology that utilizes a patented, miniaturized, fully integrated detection system which provides injectors with immediate feedback on blood vessel location.

Armor Med

A non-invasive, wearable blood flow monitor that enables early hemorrhage diagnosis.

Calliope Biophysics

A surgical instrument is that can propagatean ultrasonic waves through tissue to search for cancer and provide pathological information.


A non-invasive urine-based diagnostic test for detecting bladder cancer.

EndoShunt Medical

A temporary, minimally invasive hemorrhage control device that creates a size adjustable channel inside the IVC or aorta.

Ergami Endoscopy

Low-cost robotic colonoscope insertion solution to improve procedure productivity, reduce patient pain and need for sedation, and prevent endoscopy-related injuries in endoscopists and nurses.

GenAssist Inc.

A novel solution to regenerate skeletal muscle form and function after severe muscle trauma.

INIA Biosciences

An at-home wearable device for psoriasis treatment.

KiraGen Bio

Novel allogeneic CAR-T therapies tailored to address the challenges of solid cancers, particularly non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

Lilypad Health

A menstrual pad add-on that can be applied to any commercially available pad to screen for diseases like high-risk HPV, HIV, and other STDs.


A non-invasive method for delivering immunomodulators that can restore the skin's immune balance while avoiding the side effects often associated with local andsystemic immunosuppressants.


A device that uses low-frequency electrostimulation to treat symptoms associated with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).


An oligonucleotide platform enabling next-gen RNA-targeting therapeutics for CNS disorders.

Relavo Medical

A disinfecting connection device that reduces infection risk associated with dialysis.