Meet the 2021 $200K Challenge Finalists


Reformulated intravenously-delivered biologics for subcutaneous injections


Non-invasive and mobile on-catheter monitoring system for CAUTIs

Assure Technologies

Precise syringe for accurate small volume medication measurements


Novel class of biosensors

Breegi Scientific, Inc.

Single use biocontainment platform as an infant incubator and adult head chamber with oxygen support.

D&P Bioinnovations

Immune modulating anti-inflammatory organ regeneration platform

General Prognostics Inc.

Platform for continuous blood biomarker monitoring

Kalia Health

Urine-based POC detection test for preeclampsia

SaluTech Limited

Novel biomaterial that mimics conductive velocity

Theromics Inc.

Thermal accelerant for the ablation of soft tissue

Tremedics Medical Devices

Bioresorbable stent composed of poly-L-lactide fibers

Tritheter Corp

Smart catheter system

Umass Medical School

Novel In-vitro and in-vivo hydrogel

Aidar Health

Non-invasive, hand-held, home monitoring device

Weill Cornell

3D rendering MRI technology

10th Annual $200K Challenge Events

$200K Challenge Pitch-Off • March 24th @ 5PM ET
Awards Celebration • April 7th @ 5PM ET