$200K Challenge Sponsor
Areas of Interest

Many of the Challenge Sponsors have specific areas of need, which we've outlined below.  Historically, entries that effectively answer these areas of need increase their chances of  being chosen as Finalists.  


• Particular attention will be given to novel solutions to address unmet needs for women’s health


•   Large molecule drug delivery technologies that simplify and optimize the patient experience (ex. tissue-specific delivery, long acting doses, self-administration)
•   Digital and/or device-based technologies to support medication adherence or delivery
•   Next generation miniaturized, highly parallel and/or rapid analytical systems for:
          o   Measuring large molecule solution attributes (ex. viscosity, aggregates, impurities)
          o   Aseptically measuring attributes of single cells (ex. cell surface antigens, adherence propensity)
          o   High-throughput sample preparation for large molecule multi-attribute measurements (ex. digestion, labelling)
          o   Advanced cell-based (or surrogate) assays for critical quality attribute assessment
          o   Modular systems for synthetic molecule continuous manufacturing (ex. light catalyzed or enzymatic micro-reactors)
          o   Automation hardware and software to support high-throughput experimentationanswer here.

Asahi Intecc

•   Novel vascular diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices
•   Novel endoscopic-related diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices


•   Technologies and methods that can signal infection or injury before the onset of noticeable symptoms
•   Technologies that provide early health status information to medical care providers
•   Host-based diagnostics, monitoring devices and predictive analytics tool
•   Host-targeted therapeutics and clinical management approaches
•   Technologies that utilize alternative routes of administration for administering therapeutics (oral, intranasal, transdermal patches, sublingual, and buccal mechanisms of administration)
•   Technologies that enable easier deployment/uptake of therapeutics and can be administered without a trained health-care professional
•   Advanced Manufacturing Technologies – The purpose of the innovations and enhancement to advanced manufacturing technologies may include but is not limited to improving pharmaceutical quality, rapidly scale manufacturing capabilities, shorten supply chains, increase manufacturing resilience to disruption, accelerate availability of emerging therapies/vaccines, and reduce the risk of pharmaceutical shortages. Advanced manufacturing technologies may include but is not limited to continuous manufacturing and additive manufacturing (including 3D printing)  

Boston Scientific

•   Applications for robotics in medical development and delivery
•   AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools and applications to optimize and automate development, manufacturing and/or supply chain in order to increase efficiencies and provide lower overall cost of healthcare for patients
•   Novel materials, coatings, or processes to enhance manufacturing, performance and distribution/shelf life of medical devices. 


•   Point of care technologies for:
          o   Heart
          o   Blood
          o   Lung
          o   Sleep disorders 


•   Devices intended to simplify and improve therapeutic procedures in the women’s health space, filling treatment gaps and advancing patient care.
•   Conditions of interest include:
          o   Fertility
          o   Laparoscopic GYN surgery
          o   Pelvic organ prolapse
          o   Fecal incontinence
          o   Pelvic/bladder pain
          o   Contraception (non-hormonal)

Johnson & Johnson

•   Cardiovascular/AFib
•   Obesity o More durable interventions
          o   Prevent/reduce morbidities
•   Osteoporosis
          o   Minimize fracture reate
          o   Improve healing
•   Sports medicine
          o   Rotator cuff healing and repair
          o   Cartilage repair
•   Surgery
          o   Improved treatment options
          o   Minimally invasive procedures
•   Osteoarthritis
          o   Early interventions
          o   Better surgical outcomes
•   Neurovascular
•   Surgical oncology
•   Fracture healing
•   Anti-infectives
•   Disc degenerative disease
•   3D printing
•   Digital surgery
•   Wound healing
•   Vision
          o   Contact lens (myopia, astigmatism & hyperopia, beauty & performance)
          o   Dry eye
          o   Surgical (cataract & refractive)
          o   Glaucoma
•   Health technology
          o   Smart device for therapy delivery
          o   Disease interception & prevention
          o   Digital & mobile wellness o Patient & consumer engagement
•   Lung cancer
          o   Holistic solutions
          o   Consumer products, diagnostic, medical devices & pharmaceuticals  


•   Novel/innovative point-of-care and in-home health technologies/services to provide better patient outcomes and to support healthcare more broadly

Sarepta Therapeutics

•   AAV Gene Therapy
•   CRISPR/Cas9 Genome and Epigenome Editing
•   PMO Antisense Oligonucleotides for splice modulation or translational inhibition 

2021 $200K Challenge Sponsors

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